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For the month of April, our team at Bestseller Wholesale Ireland all took part in a ‘Steps Challenge’ for charity, where we all voted to support and donate to Mental Health Ireland. The pandemic has been extremely tough on people’s mental health, especially during each lockdown, so supporting and checking in on our friends, family, and colleagues has become more prevalent than ever.

Our goal was to reach 1 million steps between us by the end of the month, where we used our smart phones & watches to track our activity through the app ‘Stridekick’.

Our team was split into 3 groups, where there were surprises and prizes for each of the groups such as:

  • ‘Walker of the Week’ each week

  •  Overall winners of the challenge


After week 1, we collectively hit 1,593,816 with an average of 59,000 steps per person! Our first prize of the competition was for walker of the week in each group!

  • Shaunna Dwyer – Team 1

  • Karen Brophy – Team 2

  • Siobhan Farrell – Team 3


For week 2, we increased our overall goal for the month to 4 million, where we then hit 3,679,509 steps and an average of 68,000 steps per person. Our second prize of the competition was for walker of the week (theme - participation, engagement, motivation) in each group!

  • Claire Doyle – Team 1

  • Aoife Derwin – Team 2

  • Siobhan Farrell – Team 3


Come week 3, we hit an unbelievable 5,349,862 steps in 3 weeks and an average of 66,000 steps per person per week. Our third prize of the competition was for walker of the week (theme – teamwork, lunch time laps) in each group!

  • Rebecca Kinsella – Team 1

  • Lia Connolly – Team 2

  • Colin Bell – Team 3


At the end of the 4 weeks, we hit over 7 million steps between us and long surpassed our goal. The fourth prize of the competition was for walker of the week (theme – most improved overall) in each group!

  • Group 1 – Eadaoin Myler

  • Group 2 – Aggie Ogarek

  • Group 3 - Chloe Dandy Downey


The overall challenge winners were:

  • Challenge winner – Siobhan Farrell

  • Most steps from Team 1 – Shaunna Dwyer

  • Most steps from Team 2 – Karen Brophy

  • Winning team – Team 3


Everyone then donated to Mental Health Ireland, where Bestseller matched the amount of each donation. It was a pleasure to take part and raise money for such a worthy cause, which also allowed us to improve our physical and mental health. For anyone who may be struggling, there is an EAP service you can avail of that is 100% free and confidential called Health Assured – the number is 1800 936 710.

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