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Adopting new processes and new ways of selling is key in the current climate. At BESTSELLER Ireland we're here to support our customers and retail partners through this time .  Read our case study below to see how one of the VILA stores  is keeping busy selling from behind closed doors via their Social Shop. 

Want to know how to best use the BESTSELLER Tools to create your own social shop? You can download our guide to Social Selling here

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Zoe Kirby, Store Manager at VILA Newbridge explains how she made Social Selling work for her store during the local lockdown in Kildare and now in the current lockdown. 

''Social Selling pre-lockdown, in my opinion, mainly consisted of posting the main swipe through photos of the styles picked at the start of the week and then responding to any interest. However, in my case, I find that if you treat the VILA social media as though it is somewhat similar to a ‘fashion blog’ rather than just a platform for sales, alongside giving the page some character, people have more interest in it - they get excited to see what you will post next! A good social media page has followers that want to see more, and are wanting to always be up to date with your latest post and the only way to do that is to create a sense of fun, intrigue and excitement! That is something that we have really focused on during lockdown.


In terms of having the time to create content, this is something that can get lost in the day to day processes when the stores are up and running as usual, however I have seen now the effect good content can have on the social sale turnover. It is something that you have to constantly push, the more you post, the more engagement you receive and thus a high conversion rate from followers to social sale shoppers.


When it comes to content, it is important to show versatility. In regards to the products you are showcasing through social media, it is imperative to show-off how it can be worn on it’s own and in a multitude of styles with other pieces available. Not only is it important to show the variety of clothing and styling available, I believe it is imperative that the clothes are shown on ‘real’ people, whether that be bloggers or even just our staff. I believe it makes the content more relatable for our audience, but it also makes it more enticing to purchase as you can see it on someone other than a model, or simply hanging on a rail.


Content which contains ‘pre-styled’ outfits gets the greatest reaction, but also converts to the highest sales, the main feedback I receive is that people dis-like trying to style their products into full outfits and love seeing how our stylists put together pieces. This is something that I will carry on post-lockdown as opposed to taking one piece and putting focus on solely that item.


I believe that having an integrated Social Shop is the most beneficial method. DM’ing customers is effective, but mainly if you are closely monitoring engagements from followers and quickly converting reactions into sales. I feel the integrated Social Shop allows the customer to shop at their own leisure but also have the luxury of almost immediate customer service through social media- the experience is also much more personalised for the customer this way. In my own experience, I tend to stay away from online shopping for reasons such as sizing and uncertainties with the quality of the product. Whereas, with the integrated Social Shop this isn’t a concern for our customers, they are receiving exceptional customer service online from staff who have extensive product knowledge and they also have the luxury of seeing the quality of the clothing through our social media content.'' 

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